Celebrating 75 years of sustainability, technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship in India

Aurum Ventures – not just a great place to work!

For the past two decades it has churned out several value creations pieces across several industries. This has been only possible…

Celebrating 75 years of Sustainability, Technology Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in India - Ashish Deora, CEO Aurum Ventures

Today, we mark the 75th Independence Day of India. A gift given to us by the ‘Silent’ yet Resilient Generation. Collectively, each generation has worked towards the advancement and betterment of India’s development. The succeeding generations of ‘Baby Boomers’, Gen X and Millennials did most of the heavy lifting to make India a force to reckon with on the world stage. Owning to our Democratic system, roots of Sustainability, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship are deeply entrenched in our society.

In every field, we have had made major global contributions. ISRO’s development work has put India in the driver’s seat in Space Research and Development. Chandrayaan-1 and Mars Orbiter were huge steps towards humanity’s space endeavours. We are proud to be the powerhouse of Information Technology to the world with leading Indian IT companies providing software products and services to the world. The world’s leading tech giants are helmed by Indian like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Shantanu Narayen, Arvind Krishna, Jayshree Ullal, Dinesh Paliwal, Naresh Arora, Neha Narkhede, Parag Agarwal, Anjali Sud, Sanjay Mehrotra, George Kurian and many more. India is also leading in sustainable development and is the world’s 3rd largest producer of Renewable Energy with 38% of the worlds total installed capacity. This year we hit 100 GW of installed capacity of Renewable Energy. India has also mastered the production of nuclear power and stands 13th in the world with respect to nuclear capacity. India has leapfrogged in recent years in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We have jumped from 81st rank to 48th rank in 5 years on the Global Innovation Index. We are the third-largest hub for Unicorns globally and have more than 35 Unicorns in the country.

As we pass on the baton to Gen Z and Gen Alpha, let’s underline the contribution of these 4 areas in the country’s development and progress. It is our continued focus, perseverance and thrust in Sustainability, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship that will lead our country to new heights and put us in pole position globally.

At Aurum Ventures, we believe in these 4 mottos and rally around each of them

#AurumSustainability: ‘Adopt a Tree’ an initiative to plant and adopt oxygenating trees to increase the Air Quality Index.

#AurumTechnology: ‘Aurum PropTech’ an endeavour to revolutionise the sector by creating an integrated digital ecosystem for Real Estate.

#AurumInnovation: Aurum Network Intelligence, an initiative to tap youth-driven innovation.

#AurumEntreprenuership: Front line empowerment, flat organisational structure, no hierarchies.

Let’s continue to grow, exponentially. Happy 75th Independence Day!