Aligning sustainability and real estate business

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Aligning Sustainability And Real Estate Business

Ashish Deora, CEO and Founder Aurum Ventures, a new age Real Estate company offering end-to-end capabilities, shares his views on aligning sustainability and business.

How has the pandemic transformed realty development?

The centre stage of Realty development has shifted from brick and mortar to smart and green real estate. The design and development of real estate are now focused on creating better health and well-being per square feet. The new age Realty developments have successfully embraced cutting edge tech like IoT, Data-science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

What is the measure of success in Real Estate?

To begin with, technology has made success in Real Estate, quantitatively and qualitatively measurable. Additionally, the barometer is now driven by customer success and satisfaction. Real Estate Business focusing on the Triple Bottom Line of People, Profit and Planet are successfully creating value for all stakeholders.

Do investors prefer investing in sustainability-oriented business?

Investors are an important part of the Real Estate business value chain. With corporatization of Real Estate, the traditional investor has made way for institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, and corporately governed capital allocator who put a positive value on investments in sustainability oriental real estate assets. LEED, IGBC, and GRIHA rated Real Estate assets attract the highest value from these investors.

Aurum Ventures sustainability initiatives

Sustainability is the bedrock of Aurum Ventures Real Estate business. Over the past three years, we have designed and developed a million square feet of Green Real Estate per year. We have planted 1,000 trees per year, generating 120,000 kgs of oxygen annually. Through rainwater harvesting, we saved 25% of annual water consumption on our campus.

Aurum Ventures has gone beyond the conventional by adopting sustainability in its business model and corporate culture.

At Aurum we truely believe that the secret to Growth is in helping others grow.