The Government proposes that layoffs are paid in 4 installments Aratirí still occupied and mining answered Monday

Aratirí workers decided at a meeting on Thursday night to maintain the occupation of the offices of the company in the town of Valentines and accepted a proposal by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to collect their dismissals in installments.In the Indian investors will come next week to revive the project.JUAN PABLO CORREA21 November 2015The company was responding on Monday or Tuesday to the proposal of the ministry. According to this proposal , workers in the next week charged 50% of their dismissals . Would receive 20% in each of the next two months and 10 % in the past , he explained to El Pais the leader of the union at the company , Francisco da Silva , he considered " a breakthrough," the idea of the ministry. The union estimates that Aratirí must pay US $ 700,000 in layoffs.The offices are occupied by about 95 workers who are receiving support from the locals that bring them nonperishable food, said da Silva. The occupation took place after an notarial record shall be kept . Workers charged several years of unemployment insurance and pose as a record is that in the event that finally begin the extraction of iron in the area is to hire people who are on that list.The union decided this week to occupy the premises because he understood that layoffs Fuentes on Wednesday should have been paid the company argued that the problem is not money and that payment was not performed because the authorities wanted to be present and will come only in the next week to UruguayAnyway , it's a fact that today shareholder Aratirí ( Zamin Ferrous India ) will not be able to sign a contract for exploitation on 24 , deadline set by the Parliament to reach an agreement. From that date , would Zamin Ferrous within 90 days to present to other interested groups . If they present other interested start to run another 120 days for it to reach an understanding . Company sources said that investor surely be another Indian group , Aurum Ventures , which is currently negotiating with Zamin Ferrous .The website indicates that Aurum Ventures was founded by the investor Ashish Deora Deora in 1999. Uruguay planned to come by these days. Its mining division called Aurum Earth and has coal mining permits in Mozambique and Tanzania gold . It also has offices in Singapore and India. Page does not indicate that the Indian group is extracting metals in any country in the world . Aurum itself has launched a solar energy project in the Indian state of Gujarat.The sources said that there would be an inconvenience submitting bid maintenance guarantees but acknowledged that continues pending prior environmental authorization must give the National Directorate of Environment (DINAMA ) . The company submitted an environmental impact study of the project to exploit iron five mines near Cerro Chato and Valentines Dinama that is still studying last year.Aratirí project has had multiple comings and goings and several times was found for signing during the government of former President Jose Mujica had assigned great importance to streamline the central- eastern part of the country.The sharp decline that has taken the price of iron seems to have also had an impact for the cooling of the talks between the government and investors.Environmentalists remain alert against mining.Uruguay Free movement , which wants to ban metal mining open sky in Uruguay , said it will continue to campaign against Aratirí project. Raúl Viñas, one of his references , said " we have shown and no one could even argue that such exploitation no economic benefits to the country would not only create development and generate a limited supply of highly hazardous work and for a period of less than 15 years, leaving large environmental liabilities " .Incoming search terms :Ashish deoraAshish deora indiaashsih deora mumbaiAshish deora BrazilAshish deora uruguay