Smart City Jayu’s preliminary note

A smart city should be smart in the eyes of the people who live there. It should make the people feel privileged and fortunate to live here. Not just for the sake of competition of 100 smart cities.The initiative is good. The implementation should be useful. The approach taken by corporate is of technology – wi-fi data enabled. Yes it is useful and good use of technology, however general public should find it useful. – difference is usefulness. i.e.STP water treatment is a must, but the general public will hardly know.If busses are beautiful but the elderly and handicapped people are unable to use them, can we call it SMART? Hardly. So taking this approach of being a really SMART city – I propose a slightly measurable and a little more human approach to the technology approach.Truly Smart cities are those where not just the general public have things moving smoothly and efficiently and easily for them, but even those who are not in the mainstream or not in the majority of numbers – elderly, handicapped, people with pets to name a few examples – also find it easy to be a part of this city. They too are included in the thoughts for planning and development and they too are made to feel comfortable in their day-to-day activities in the city.Let’s make the city Friendly for all these following groups of people:
  1. All citizens
  2. Culture Friendly
  3. Tourist Friendly
  4. Environment Friendly
  5. Pet Friendly
  6. Tree Friendly
  7. Elderly Friendly
  8. Children Friendly
  9. Handicapped Friendly
  10. Photographer Friendly
  11. Health Friendly
  12. Power / Energy Friendly
  13. Travel Friendly
  14. Rain water Friendly
  15. Footpath Friendly
  16. Hoarding Friendly
  17. E-library
  18. Wi-Fi friendly
  19. Learning Friendly
  20. Police Friendly
  21. Bird Friendly
  22. Consumer Friendly
  23. Theatre, Performing arts friendly
  24. Artist Friendly
  25. Sports Friendly
  26. Law and Order Friendly
  27. Road Safety Friendly
  28. Safety and Security Friendly
  29. Entertainment Friendly
  30. Food Friendly