The payment of the first installment of the dismissal of the former workers performed Aratirí

Aurum Ventures, an investment fund of Indian origin and Aratirí new project partner, today paid the first installment of the dismissals to workers who lost their jobs.Ninety people charged 45% of the debt, which Aurum Ventures fulfilled the commitment made ​​last week at a tripartite meeting between the company, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and workers. The next payment will take place on Thursday, December 24, when 20% of the total debt will be paid. There will be a third installment, also 20% in January, and will end with the payment of layoffs in February.Ashish Deora, founder of Aurum Ventures, said the company will comply in all respects with the commitment. "We want to convey the certainty that all workers receive what they deserve in a timely manner. We're determined to continue investing in a project in which we believe, and we are confident that contribute to the development of the entire Uruguay, "he said. Incoming search terms :Ashish deoraAshish deora indiaashsih deora mumbaiAshish deora BrazilAshish deora uruguay