Owners of land leased by Aratirí claim payment of rents

Aratirí MiningA producer said the company is in default more than 70 owners and used as a tool to pressure the government Montevideo / TodoElCampo- When Aratirí arrived in the country came to legal lease of private land through the legal determination of slavery, occupation and step; producer Ruben Barrera said the journalist Álvaro Aguiar.He said that although the contract was signed by the contracting parties is governed by the National Directorate of Mines and Geology ( DINAMIGE ) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining ( MIEM ) , because it will stay in force until the government rule regarding large-sized mining .A common value for all the producers were agreed and as soon as the company began to explore, producers charged the first six months in advance. However, Barrera said, when they began the vagaries of the government on the signing of the agreement, the company suspended payments “without notice ".About 70 owners of Cerro Chato , Las Palmas, Valentines , Monsoon and other nearby places of Durazno , Florida and Thirty- Three , stopped receiving income and in some cases , such as Barrier , more than a year ago In meetings with company representatives, it was explained to producers who had two options: make a judgment on the company, or accept payment of 50 % of debts, and the rest freeze until March 2016. The argument Aratirí, he told Barrera, is that the company does not currently operates the premises by the lack of signature of the contract with the government. To understand this producer, they are the tool with which the Aratirí “press" the government.What's next He explained that a senior member of the company said to him that in the first week of November visited the country in Aratirí new investors, who are negotiating with the government. In an advanced stage of talks, the firm would seal in due time, he said.Meanwhile, producers assess how they will act. So they return to their land access (in case the agreement is not signed) he explained the contract has to break, therefore the DINAMIGE to withdraw from the contract or waive the investment company.Incoming search terms :Ashish deoraAshish deora indiaashsih deora mumbaiAshish deora BrazilAshish deora uruguay