Mining fragmented two peoples

Aratirí investment was suspended, but in Cerro Chato and Valentines life changed.ashish deroaLarge mining projects did not materialize and its future is uncertain, but in Cerro Chato and Valentines life is not the same. The neighbors say that relations between acquaintances and even family always deteriorated. The differences are among those who have expectations of progress economically in place and prevent emigration, and those who think it is not good business for the country.Those who opposed the mining project held has not materialized because they claim that "they were going to install a time bomb in the middle of the country."Most local producers still think that mining is bad business. The farmer of the Cerro Chato, Julio Gomez, who was always against the megaminería the way I was raised, said "the capital that was traditional in this society girl was destroyed, and that is not measured" . "Solidarity and way of doing things together and together not already recovers," he said, and cited the spirit of collaboration that had that society embodied in the fact that he donated the land for the hospital and the school in Cerro Chato. "That broke with the different positions."According to the producer, this occurred despite the fact that it is "a marginal field", to the point that "if the extraction of the mineral had already started everything would be done and would have been a failure, and the country would have been a liability very big".Gomez also said that "for a business occasion we were going to install a time bomb in the middle of the country" and asked: "If this had been a wealth why not exploded since 1916, date on which was discovered? ".On the side of the street is, for example, Federico Ifrán, principal of one of the restaurants, who told El Pais that its position in favor of the project downplayed friendships with those who felt the same.Traders do not lower their arms and continue to believe that is possible and that is a good mining business.For this, a Chamber of Mining Suppliers of Cerro Chato and Valentines was formed in order to continue defending the investments were commercially advanced and were suspended.Eduardo Garcia, president of the Chamber, said that the pause of the mining project has affected everyone, "but took it in stride, still working for the project goes, we think it is a good opportunity for all.""Traders we were thinking of making a logistics center on the outskirts of Cerro Chato where the worker, the employer, the visitor or investor will find supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, workshops, turners, carpenters, shops, car rentals among other services, "he said," but do not lower the curtain, we improve all want this opportunity, "summed García.Hope.The years 2011 and 2012 were the years of maximum takeoff Cerro Chato, Valentines and adjacent rural areas to mineral exploration tasks. During those years a new source of job creation was a projection of 3,000 direct jobs during the first year, and 1,500 in the 20 years expected operation, regardless of the generation of indirect jobs emerged. This meant that each put an to think about future business partners. In this regard, workers who were dismissed said the project involves no continuity of "a loss of jobs, especially since there are no chances of getting another source" beyond the fields.Francisco Da Silva, which integrates the management of the Union of Metalworkers and Allied Branches, said that on average "$ 25,000 are not going to go over to the homes of those 500 people who lost their jobs, more everything has left along the way, such as construction projects, logistics and infrastructure investments, "he said," because the entire region was getting ready to sell services and any moment everything fell apart. " According to Da Silva, probably "given the failure of the project may mean that young people have to leave here.""With Aratirí area turners opened, workers were improved, increased the number of mechanical workshops, service station Cerro Chato employed 15 to 20 workers and now has only 5" he said.Added to this is that, according to Da Silva, "officials of the Australian company had rented dozens of homes, and many homes erected on their land that for years that were vacant," said the worker.Now, the hope for these workers is that the shareholder Aratirí, Zamin Ferrous, manages to sell the project. It is estimated that this could be Aurum Ventures, but it is uncertain when they materialize. Its website Aurum presents the project as their own: to produce 9 million tons per year first and then 18 million. But authorities will put cold cloths. The Economy Minister Danilo Astori said weeks ago that the price of iron is low and "the profitability of such a project is currently in question."Raise employment plant in ValentinesAratirí workers resolved to lift the occupation of the offices after reaching an agreement with the authorities. Francisco Da Silva, member of the Management of the Metal Workers Union and Allied Branches (UNTMRA), said that "the first payment percentage of layoffs will be paid on Thursday, December 3, and by February debt with workers stay paid off ". Da Silva said workers are 94. To reach this agreement, the MTSS had requested that measures for 12 hours in order to reach an instance of dialogue without pressure will rise. Valentines Aratirí unemployment. Photo: Nestor AraujoIn assembly it was decided to grant the request, which finally established that the December 3 Aratirí pay 45% of the dismissals. 23 of the same month an additional percentage will be paid for the second month and next year and fulfill the totality of the debt. This was confirmed Silva adding parallel track became binding operators, to be absorbed by any investor that may come to exploit the iron in Valentines. Da Silva said the government commitment is necessary to require the company to hire local staff.Another Indian could keep businessAratirí project has had multiple twists and turns, especially during the administration of former President Jose Mujica, who had assigned great importance to stimulate the central-east of the country. However, the sharp decline that took the price of iron seems to have influenced the talks between government and investors.The date for signing an agreement between the parties expired on November 24, as determined by Parliament. Now, the shareholder today Aratirí, Zamin Ferrous, has a term of 90 days to submit to other interested groups. If they present other interested start to run another 120 days for it to reach an understanding. Company sources told El Pais that the investor will surely be another Indian group, Aurum Ventures, which is currently negotiating with Zamin Ferrous. Aurum Ventures was founded by the investor in 1999. Ashish Deora Deora is estimated to arrive in Uruguay these days.