The lives of the minesIt is agreed by Aratirí layoffs after the new investor, Aurum Ventures, agreed to pay the debt by February.Days ago, the union took the company Aratirí demanding payments due. Workers belonging to the mining had occupied offices Thirty Three in which the project operates, demanding about $ 700,000, and threatened to continue the measures in Montevideo. It is about 90 employees disengaged by mining.This week the new investor Aratirí project agreed by layoffs after the dispute participate in Aurum Ventures.Workers had taken a first step in the agreement to vacate offices Aratirí to enable the establishment of a dialogue in the sphere of the Ministry of Labour.In that table, Aurum Ventures made ​​a settlement offer that was accepted by 90 workers involved, allowing to reach an agreement.The agreement means that the new investor will pay next Aratirí a first installment equivalent to 45% of the total amount of 90 redundancies week.A second installment of 20% will be paid on 24 December. The third, also 20% in January. And in February you will have paid all the layoffs.Aratirí sources stressed "the very willingness of the new investor to unlock the dispute and reach agreement, after the sign of goodwill from the union to vacate the offices of the company"