Government of Amapá and Zamin sign MoU for resumption of mining activities.

Ashish DeoraIt was also agreed the operation and maintenance of the Amapá railroad and reconstruction work of the mineral port of shipment. The moment was attended by the minister of agriculture, Katia Abreu, who was visiting the Expofeira. In a ceremony held on the evening of Wednesday, 04, in the Investor's Hall in the Business Pavilion 51st Expofeira Agricultural Fazendinha, the government of Amapá and Zamin Amapá mining company signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at the resumption of the company's activities in the state, and the operation and maintenance of the Amapá railroad and reconstruction work of the mineral port of shipment.The event was attended by the minister of agriculture, Katia Abreu, who was visiting the Expofeira. The document was signed by the governor Waldez Goes ; the CEO of the Economic Development Agency of Amapa ( Amapá Agency) Eliezir Viterbino ; the state secretary of transportation, Odival Monterrozo milk ; the assistant attorney of the state, Julian Caesar Avelar ; by the Mayor of Santana, Robson Rocha , the mayor of Serra do Navio , Jose Maria Lobato Amaral ; by the Mayor of Pedra Branca , Genival Gemaque Santana at representing the company Zamin Amapá , Mohit Kumar Krishen Bahatia and on Ashish Deora and Saurabh Sangekar respectively president and director of Aurum Mining investing company in the venture in Amapá.Among the main clauses to be met by the mining company , the Protocol are the immediate resumption of activities of the railroad , the revitalization of five kilometers of the railroad in 2016 and over 8 kilometers annually in the following years . It is also established, the resumption of works of reconstruction of the ore shipment port and effort so that by July 2016 the mine in Pedra Branca do Amapari , restart the operation. All this, hoping to generate about 1,400 direct jobs throughout the state. Is still the mining company responsible for revitalizing the line of electricity transmission , the Coaracy Nunes plant to Serra do Navio ; settle debts with suppliers and labor justice and contribute to the development of tourism , among other items. By contrast, the State is committed to temporarily suspend filed lawsuits to the detriment of the mining and maintain, in agreement with the Zamin, the suspension of the expiry decree for six months.For the CEO of Amapá Agency Eliazir Viterbino, the agreement was made to provide strengthening the monitoring of mining, which is one of the great vocations of the state and that has come to represent 1.8 % of national GDP. "We put together a great deal that, with the involvement of a new investor who will encompass the Zamin , we will have you back about 1,580 jobs in the sector . This is a state vocation that needed to be strengthened to help develop the state's economy, "he pondered. For the Secretary of State for transport, Odival Monterrozo, the agreement provides ample restoration of railway mode, important for the Amapá transport sector."Mining, which is an important economic vocation, cannot do without a transport servitude. Rather than take advantage of an already installed in the state, we must give potential for this. Thus, the Government closes the transport circuit, with the integration of road modes, road and inland waterways and rail, he said, announcing that the Orangery Prefecture of Jari, under accepted the Ministry of Cities and the Federal Savings Bank shall pass to the Setrap the responsibility to complete the bridge over the river Jari linking Amapá to Para."When we bridge on Jari Rivers, Oiapoque, Matapi and Vila Nova and all transportation alternatives, economic vector only tends addition," he concluded. For the mayor of Pedra Branca do Amapari, the return of the Zamin Amapá activities represents a grid impetus to the economy of their respective municipalities. "The governor Waldez Garcia has had a positive positioning in the development of the mineral sector in the state. I believe that he once again in this great partnership, will make the back design and, of course, the council will re-raise to compensate for the loss of more than R $ 15 million in just two years, "said Genival Gemaque. For Jose Maria, mayor of Serra do Navio, the people of the city will benefit from jobs that the activity will generate. "Despite being installed in Pedra Branca, the Zamin generate employment opportunities for the residents of Serra do Navio, as well as social compensation. The return of the activity will be good for the county for the state, for the country and especially for the people benefited, "he emphasized.Incoming search terms :Ashish deoraAshish deora indiaashsih deora mumbai