Deputy Gerardo Amarilla requested reports on the scope of the Zamin Ferrous alienation by Aurum Ventures.

gerardo-amarillaThe lawmaker Gerardo Amarilla (National Party) want to know the extent of the alienation of Zamin Ferrous by Aurum Ventures and its possible consequences on the mining project in our country.Literally, Yellow consultation in accordance with the powers granted by Article 118 of the Constitution of the Republic, request you to be good enough to take the Ministry of Industry , Energy and Mining bound for UTE , the following;Request for Information.
  1. The date on which the company Zamin Ferrous were alienated Aurum Ventures group and when was the official communication to this portfolio is report.
  2. Who are the current holders of the company and capital it holds.
  3. What deposits are currently being exploited and that countries.
  4. If the mining project awarded to the former company has been changed and if so which are the current conditions of future exploitation.
  5. How many sites have planned explode if finalize the agreement with the national government and whether there has been progress in that regard.
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