Cosse: Aratirí “shown interest” in concrete mining project

aratiri ashish deoraThe Minister of Industry said that the mining company Zamin Ferrous "is pending some answers" to the Ministry of Environment, but said that after expiration of the legal limit of 24 November, "the law provides additional time"."The company is in contact with us, sharing the information they need," said Carolina Cosse when asked about the status of the project Aratirí open pit mining.The signing of Indian origin began years ago the installation process in Uruguay, but different political events and the fall in the international price of iron questioned the project.Within six days the legal term expires issued by the Ministry of Environment for the submission of documentation on environmental care enterprise.However, Cosse said that after the deadline, "the company has another 90 days to file and if it does inverson has 120 days to resume the project."The minister said that "until this is not made ​​the presentation are not able to sign any kind of commitment."On other issues, the hierarch said that continuing to evaluate whether or not to continue the work of the regasification plant and said it will be an issue to be defined soon by the Council of Ministers.Incoming search terms :Ashish deora AratiríAshish deora indiaashsih deora mumbai