Carolina Cosse: No environmental clearance the government will not sign any contract mining large size"It is not going to sign with Zamin Ferrous ( Aratirí ) " he said in an interview with The Big Picture Industry Minister , Carolina Cosse , not for lack of time but because it has environmental authorization Dinama . The minister also said the government is considering exempting the part of the canon to Orosur Mining to protect jobs. "The government has been very demanding" in terms of demanding environmental criteria, "it seems difficult to be more demanding," Cosse said. "Not only are you receiving and approving a project, it is also a matter of national interest," he added, and it is intended that "remains not only money and material goods but also production capacities". About what will happen to workers engaged Aratirí, Cosse said it is "a matter of the company" and not the government. "If you are not environmental authorization no contract is signed. The Mining Law of Great Porte is clear in this regard: the authorization has to be, "said the minister, adding that the government of Tabare Vazquez and Jose Mujica" seriously have done all the processes that lead or not an environmental authorization "and that" this government's environmental protection is a fundamental issue. " After several extensions, today is the deadline for the Government and Aratirí sign the investment contract for the extraction of iron Valentines area. In the non-signing of the agreement, a period of 90 days in which the company can introduce a new open interest, then the state has 120 days to accept or not the third party, he explained the minister. Cosse said that Uruguay has to resolve "the contradiction between economic and industrial development and environmental protection" that "out doing the two things." Regarding the project Orosur Mining, Cosse said the government is studying whether it can, "in some areas where the law allows," exonerate the canon to protect jobs.