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Aratirí changed hands and fired 90 workers, but calls for more standards and reactivates the pipeline project.Aurum Ventures, a multinational based in Bombay, India, and includes on its website the Valentines project. According to the scheme which publishes the website, Aurum Ventures acquired two of the three projects Zamin Ferrous: The Valentines and Amapá (Brazil). Thus, the deadline for the signing of the investment contract, which expired on November 24 is extended; if that happened, Zamin Ferrous miners must deliver to the Registrar of Vacancies titles.The extension, which will for seven months, 19,126 grant for the Mining Law of Great Porte foresees the possibility " that the developer submit a concerned and, if the government agrees, extend the time of contract negotiation " He explained yesterday to the daily Victor Bacchetta, member of the movement Uruguay Free Megaminería after the conference that was at the headquarters of the Rural Federation. When the mining project Aratirí stopped, the company sent more than 100 workers to the unemployment. The last of the unemployment insurance extensions 90 Aratirí workers expired on August 31, when the situation turned over three and a half years. One worker , Francisco da Silva , told the daily that by the National Union of Metalworkers and Allied ( UNTMRA ) are negotiating with the company at the Ministry of Labour and Social Security ( MLSS ) severance pay , the while able to develop a register of workers " where all the mining Aratirí template , which are 90 companions falls , and that gives us the guarantee that in the future, if the mining project is reactivated , can be reinserted at work " . Workers next week will have a new meeting at the MTSS, and probably in mid-November to charge termination. Da Silva lamented the situation that is created in the localities. He stressed that the Cerro Chato and Valentines is one of those with the highest rates of unemployment in the country, along with high levels of informality, where the predominant activity is livestock." Each partner will have his project, but most will have to assemble the bags and sent to move”.Mal portWhile working in the area is on stand -by, "the mining returns most titles prospecting and exploration has already achieved and new applications," he said in a statement the organization Free Uruguay yesterday. Bacchetta said Aurum Ventures is a speculative group "still less specialization in mining and raw materials in Zamin Ferrous" and that a new stage begins. He charged that " the land is left to the hot money " because " an area that has a mining title is devalued , then back come one who buys the land , which sometimes is the same mining " , noting that Aratirí has purchased 9,000 hectares in Cerro Chato and Valentines , and that has become the largest landowner in the area. He also said that " are capitals that are to do whatever , while they do make livestock mining , or farming; if at some point the situation favors them to do otherwise , they will decide ; they become the owners of the decisions. " Therefore, the premise of the motion is that this new situation implies a loss of sovereignty. Among the standards orders in recent months, several in the department of Rocha. Bacchetta said the mining returned to the original project to remove the iron by the pipeline that would end at the beach La Angostura. "I went this week to Dinama [National Directorate of Environment] to see the file and there is a note of Aratirí saying they were authorized [the Ministry of Transport and Public Works] to return to the original project with the port terminal in the beach La Angostura ". According Bacchetta, that means "the official death" Project deepwater port in the El Palenque, because last year the Uruguayan government made ​​it clear that there could be more of a deepwater port on the coast of the coastal department. Tta Bacche- thus considers that the project is armed, because if the new owners want to sell it, could not be a loose end as the deepwater port whose realization was not confirmed. He also noted that Aurum Ventures also speaks of reserves of between 3,000 and 5,000 million tonnes of iron Valentines area exist, and that their operation could last between 80 and 90 years. "These people are dedicated to inflate the heritage it has to sell, that's the reason why have all possible long to not give us the information," he raised Bacchetta , realizing the request for access to information made through the Justice, which he ruled in favor, although it still has not complied . Amanda MuñozIncoming search terms :Ashish deora AratiríAshish deora indiaashsih deora mumbai