Aratirí, the project would be the largest PRIVATE INVESTMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY

Press reportAratirí, the project would be the largest PRIVATE INVESTMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY, ENDED IN NOTHING EIGHT YEARS LATER - After the expiry of the deadline on Tuesday, 24, and failed SIGNING A CONTRACT BETWEEN THE EXECUTIVE POWER AND Aratirí, MEMBERS agreed BOTH PARTIES TO THE WHY came to nothing: the fall of the prices of iron and project deadlines - NOW BY THE LAW OF MINING large size, Aratirí BE PRESENTED WITHIN 90 DAYS NEW CONCERNED THAT THE COMPANY WILL VENTURES INDIA AURUMWeekly Search (National Information, )Tabare Vazquez INTERVIEW WITH PRESIDENT OF URUGUAY - when asked 'DO I NEED TO EXPLOIT THE IRON IN URUGUAY, OR NOT? Vazquez says, "I think we should exploit, if environmental conditions are respected. WHAT HAPPENS AT THAT TIME WITH Aratirí? REPORTS HAVE ALL OF THE MINISTRIES THAT ARE INVOLVED DO NOT ALLOW accept that Aratirí START WORK IN URUGUAY, FOR BUYERS ENVIRONMENTS put to him BY THE GOVERNMENT AND TO INCREASE MORE INFORMATION how it would work did not arrive, and THEREFORE THERE environmental permit. AND IF IT DOES NOT AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERMIT NO "(P.23)Weekly Voices (  )LETTER FROM READERS 'CHAU Aratirí' Raul E. VIÑAS -'LOS we drive plebiscite INCLUSION IN OUR CONSTITUTION OF THE PROHIBITION OF THAT FORM OF MINING AND we have shown that ESA would explode NO ECONOMIC BENEFITS TO THE COUNTRY, AND DEVELOPMENT not generate only create HIGHLY a limited supply of unhealthy work 'Weekly Search (Letters to the Editor, )Incoming search terms :Ashish deoraAshish deora indiaashsih deora mumbaiAshish deora BrazilAshish deora uruguay